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Cafe De Web is a trusted website designing and development company which also provides services such as content writing and search engine optimisation.

Cafe De Web is dedicated to providing website design and online marketing services to small and medium businesses in Kathmandu, Nepal.


We work with our clients to raise the profile of their business online offering sound advice, great website design and engaging content. What's more, we provide long term website management for our clients including Pokhara as well as Chitwan.

Web Designing and Development

Café De Web has been in the sector of web designing and development for two years now and we have delivered pretty good web designing works. In the field of web designing and web development in Nepal, Café De Web, with the motto of “MAKING WEB DELICIOUS” just might be one the best agency to work with. Read More >>

Complete Office Solutions

A newly established office or a firm need more than just a website to represents it self. It needs to show its presence. We will help you do this. With Café De Web complete office solution, it’s a one stop shopping for all your office requirements. Café De Web Complete Office Solutions will provide you with the following materials and helps you to establish your brand. Read More >>

Application Development

Web application is all the web is about today. May it be a simple web application like Content Management System or it may it be some huge database projects. Café De Web has made it self an example in Kathmandu and Nepal in this area. Read More >>

Search Engine Optimisation

Our very website Cafedeweb.com along with many of our sister websites rank pretty high in SERP’s and have been gaining reputation, so we can claim, “We know what we are doing”, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Read More >>

Delivery on time

Cafe De Web has a number of tools that save your time. Quality of work and strict deadlines are two things Cafe De Web will never compromise about. Come work with us, take advantage of our rapid web and application development system.

Content Writing

Content is king!!!!! Any user that visit your site is for your content. The content doesn't just consist of articles. Yes the articles are important when it comes to Search Engine Optimization but along with the proper articles that explains your client about what your website is really about, you will need some pictures, animations and logos that can represent you. We'll develop every thing your website nees to represent you to the mass visiting your website.

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Cafe de Web made our life so easy. In fact, it helped us to change the way we were working. Rather than working manually, we had now a lot of customers and promotion through internet.

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