Cafe De Web has been in the business of web designing, web development and SEO in Nepal for almost 3 years now. Built up of people who were involved in the field of web designing, web development and SEO in Nepal for many years, we can proudly say that we can deliver the best results.


Based in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, Café De Web has earned it name is these few years and we are being truly appreciated for your good work.


Apart from the business, Café De Web is also into the Social Services. Through the CEO Mr. Uttam Prasad Adhikari who is involved in many social clubs including Rotaract Club of Pashupati Café De Web has conducted a few social service activities so a small bit of business you do with us goes to the needy one too. Cafe De Web also powers the websites of Rotract Club of Pashupati.


Most of our team members come from IT background. Some with academic degrees of BIT, BCA, MIT and BSc.IT who work in our IT department and others come from other faculties such as English major; Management who serve on Content and Article Writing department and management section but everyone is highly qualified and devoted nonetheless. And of course well paid and happy. smiley