Our team consists of personals with years of experience and some hot blood youths. This combination makes us very effectiveand our outcome very special. Here are the major people in our team serving with us to turning the slogan of Cafe De Web- Making the Web Delicious, True.

Here is the list of major peoples in the Cafe De Web team:


Avash Poudel: CEO and the co-founder of the Cafe De Web. Mr.Poudel is an innovative web designer,expert web programmer with years of experiencein the field of web development and web and desktop application programming.In collaboration with Cafe De Web. Mr.Poudel has been producing excellent websites and web applications.


Uttam Prasad Adhikari: Fellow CEO and another co-founder of the company, Mr. Adhikari is a veteran content writer, Web designer and SEO expert. With years spent on Search Engine Optimization, Mr. Adhikari has led Cafe De Web to the success of different clients we have worked with.


Ujjwol Adhiakri: An expert and young web designer with very creative thinking, this young gun has designed many spectacular websites with Cafe De Web and is leading the designing department of Cafe De Web, producingmany exciting results.


Bijay Ghimirey:  Marketing Director of Cafe De Web, Mr Ghimire has been looking after the Marketing affairs of this firm for last 6 months.


Saurab Man Baniya : The Marketing manager of Cafe De Web has been working in the marking field and dealing with our clients for last 6 months. He has been representing Cafe De Web well in the fields.