Web hosting is a basic process of uploading your website to an address in the web server. Web hosting comes in many packages and prices, but is certainly over charged but not with Café De Web. There are dozens and dozens of web hosting company in Nepal that charge you huge amount of money for a small amount of web space. But with Café De Web, it’s quite opposite. Café De Web, web hosting is most probably the cheapest web hosting in Nepal.

Where there are companies that charges you almost Rs. 2500 for mere 100 MB of web space, Café de web’s web hosting will only cost you Rs.1500 for 1GB of space. Check out the chart of our web hosting package, which certainly is the cheapest web hosting service in Nepal.  And, dear readers, mistake not, we have quality high server with very low response time in the United States, 2 backup servers in United Kingdom and Germany.

Cafe De Web’s Web hosting plan

                                 Web space

                                         Price/ year

50-100 MB

Rs. 700

300 MB

Rs. 800

500 MB

Rs. 1,000

1 GB

Rs. 1,500

2 GB

Rs. 2,500

3 GB

Rs. 3,300

5 GB

Rs. 4,500

10 GB

Rs. 8,000

15 GB

Rs. 10,000


Please contact us for web space more than 15 GB: Contact Us


Designing a website is of no point if your customers or your probable customers can’t access it. To make it possible that your viewers have an easy access to your website you have to upload the website to some server in the web space and give the space a unique name. This web space is provided by many companies around the globe and the process of placing this website in the web server is called Web Hosting.