Web consists of millions of websites now, all made of HTML, PHP and many other programming languages, but what really matters is it design. Based in Kathmandu, Café De Web has been in the sector of web designing and development for two years now and we have delivered pretty good web designing works. In the field of web designing and web development in Nepal, Café De Web, with the motto of “MAKING WEB DELICIOUS” just might be one the best agency to work with. A web page is web page, you may say. What’s the importance of web design, you may ask. Here is why:


  • Web Designing matters because, as per a popular experiment conducted few years back, a user has only seven seconds to decide whether he wants to stay and surf more of the website or to quit, depending upon its design.


  • Web designing is not only the synergy of colors and graphics: Web designing also includes the knowledge of a good website architecture and navigation. If the navigation of a website is poor, user looses the interest in the website and do not go further in your website. Web designing phase must be carried out with great precaution due to these reasons. Only after the web designing team carries out the work of website’s architecture and navigation plan, development team converts those ideas in to reality, via different programming languages.


  • Web designing is for users and only users: of course your websites are built for your probable clients and customers. But if the user looses interest in you’re a website than your website is not much of use. During the web designing and web development period, it must be taken care that every page of your website is properly accessible, there must not be any blank links, there must not be any unwanted links and contents in the website and the content you want to must convey the message you want to convey to the customers.  


  • Web designing also comes in handy when you have to express loads of things in few words. A gesture or a picture included in the website can tell loads of things. It the responsibility of the web designing team that your website can rely as much information as possible.


  • Web designing works should be SEO friendly. i.e. your website must be picked by the search engine and indexed. Though you can take a separate service of Café De Web SEO, this is essential that your website must be designed and developed properly in order to make it compatible with the Search Engine Bots.


Café De Web Pvt Ltd has been doing a superb job of web designing and web development for past two years. Though only a couple of year old, Café De Web’s work of web designing, web development, application development, Search Engine Optimization and Content writing has been highly appreciated. Come, let us serve you with out fantastic web design and web development service.