Web application is all the web is about today. May it be a simple web application like Content Management System or it may it be some huge database projects. Café De Web has made it self an example in Kathmandu and Nepal in this area.

Web application:

Web applications are the heart of the web. The social networking, information sharing system, experience sharing system, online music editing system and photo editing system, all these web application are the things what attract you to the web space. Had these applications not been in the web, no one would be surfing web just for the boring HTML websites. Interaction, communication fun and time killing is what people look for in the web. We, Café De Web with our motto of “MAKING WEB DELICIOUS” can deliver you this. We can help you build a place to hang out in the internet. We can deliver the web application of your imagination.


Or a custom web application can help you make you work easier, your record management easier. May it be a school MIS, a data entry system, an inventory management system, portals (news or entertainment) or any other custom application of your use.

Desktop application:

No all software can be online; you will need many applications that will make your PC more interesting, more useful. An all in one media player, a record management system, a data entry system or an inventory management system for your PC; we’ll develop it al in various platforms like JAVA, C# and .NET.

What ever your requirements might be, Café De Web will provide you with the most versatile and reliable yet affordable applications both on web and in your PC.